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Please find below a selection of testimonials from both former colleagues, clients and suppliers alike.


"I have known Liz for many years through the assistance she gave a client of mine on a project we undertook in Europe that required some unique 'on-the-ground' marketing expertise.  I found her to be highly organised, considerate and a conscientious person who is always helpful and supportive.  She has a friendly manner, a good sense of humour and is keen to establish positive relationships with those she comes into contact with.  She is an excellent team player, is sociable and is well liked by all.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz as a future employee."

J Barry Williams - Chairman,  WA Appeal Committee - 2008 Australian Olympic Team




"Liz made an outstanding contribution within the key areas of brand development and marketing communications and initiated a number of highly effective activities that went beyond the traditional approach.  She has many key strengths including creativity, communication and project management, and is professional at all times.  I have always found her to be extremely hard-working, highly motivated, conscientious and well-organised."

Nick Burton, Head of Marketing - Mahindra-British Telecom



"Liz's high standards of service and quality delivery helped her meet the very challenging demands made of her from across the business.  Her exceptional organisation and planning skills enables her to maintain very tight control of her project activities, costs and timescales, and she was able to meet all objectives set.  Liz's friendly manner and sense of humour helped ensure good working relationships with both myself and with other colleagues."

Paula Birrell, Business Analyst - Barclaycard



"Liz demonstrates excellent project management skills and remains relatively unflustered despite working under considerable pressure.  She is very professional, sociable, articulate and a true marketer."

Jackie Rosenberg, Customer Marketing - Honeywell



"Liz possesses a firm grasp of the marketing craft and is thoroughly professional in everything she does.  She's a natural self-starter and a good team builder who effectively delegates work when appropriate, whilst retaining a clear sense of ownership for the overall project outcome.  She maintains an impressive work rate without sacrificing quality and builds strong and effective relationships with those around her, whether in Sales, Delivery or Management."

Alastair Johnstone, Marketing Director - Sopra Rand



"Liz is friendly, an effective team player and a conscientious worker, with excellent management and communication skills.  She has an ability to work with many different kinds of people, under considerable pressure."

Stella Medlicott, Marketing Manager - Siemens Communications


"I worked with Liz for a number of years while she was at Lotus. She is a highly talented marketing professional with a lazer-sharp eye for detail. Highly organised, results driven and self-motivated. She creates and delivers top quality initiatives and programmes on time and in budget and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her."

Martin Melconian, Founder/CEO - Globebyte Ltd


"Liz worked as a project and programme manager ensuring that the customer loyalty activities were of the highest calibre. In this capacity, Liz managed a variety of activities that spanned the marketing spectrum ranging from events, email campaigns, client references, member recruitment, marketing data quality right through to web activity. In addition, while managing the Lotus Gold programme activities, Liz managed a successful sponsorship services initiative which attracted an extremely loyal following of business partner showcases. These showcases became a key differentiating feature within the Lotus Gold programme and were highly regarded by members as credible sources of information. Overall, I found Liz to be an extremely detail-oriented individual and competent project/programmes manager who kept a close watch on logistics and budgets, while also maintaining high levels of member (customer) satisfaction."

Karen Lewis, Marketing Manager, Enterprise and IT, IBM/Lotus


"Liz takes a real pride in her work.  She fosters excellent relationships with local and remote-based colleagues and is always quick to point out more effective ways of operating in order to benefit the customer."

John O'Hara, UK Managing Director - Lotus Development


“I first worked with Liz when I joined Lotus back in 1989. Liz was always professional, hard-working, efficient and well-organised. I found Liz to be highly motivated, customer-focused and a real enthusiastic team-player, who worked closely with others to endeavour to deliver over and above expectations. Always positive, nothing was ever too much trouble for Liz where customers, colleagues and country regional support were concerned; in fact, everyone in our team at Lotus Iberica really enjoyed working with her during her time at Lotus. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Liz as a future employee.”

Marc Serra Oller, Marketing Manager, Lotus Development Iberica (IBM)


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